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As our name "Onatah" translates from the Iroquois language to "of the earth", the whole foundation of our shop is plant-based, all natural, ethical, small batch goods that promote the betterment of both our earth and world. Alana of Fló embodies all those things, so of course I was excited to carry her lovingly made products in the shop and interview her to find out why she is so passionate about what she does.

Meet Alana:

Share with us what you do?
AB: I work with plants to create natural remedies, clean products, and customized infusions for people. The plants do most of the work :)

Tell us more about your products?
AB: My products are all plant-based, made with loads of love, and use ingredients strictly provided by the Earth. My hope is that the education of plant medicine becomes more easily accessible through my products, and inspires more people to get excited about it too.

Why did you start Flo?
AB: I started Flo because I had a doctor who was determined to put me on prescription drugs and perform an invasive surgery for a mild cell abnormality...so I started doing my own research and found an entire awesomely honest world of natural healing that seemed hidden and I wanted to help make it visible.

Where did the name Flo come from?
AB: The name Flo was given to me as a nickname by my grandpa...he was super into gardening and I feel like some of his wisdom is being passed on to me. It also just flowed;)

How long have you been doing this?
AB: I've been researching and studying natural healing for about 5 years, Flo has been in existence for about 2. It feels ancient and young at the same time.

What are you excited about for the future of your business?

AB: I'm excited to talk to more people about their experiences in the power of plants, to learn more from the original gangsta's of all of this (i.e. Native Americans, Peruvian Shamans, etc) and to be able to share this golden knowledge with lots and lots of people. My hope is to inspire people to look at our beautiful planet with fresh eyes, to notice how much it takes care of us, and to take care of Earth right on back.

Describe your most ideal weekend in Indianapolis?
AB: Ooooo... I'm having fun already. Wake up. Walk to BroadRipple Garden Table and sip on a Garden Gate juice. Hike around 100 Acre Park for a few hours. Volunteer in one of our city's community gardens. Probably spend a good while at The Good Earth. Make dinner at home with my boo. And listen to some ethereal soul music while watching the moon on one of Indy's cute tiny hills somewhere.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
AB: There are 3 important energy centers in the body that we can tune into whenever we need. First, ask your gut. If you can't get a clear gut feeling about something, ask your heart. And if the heart isn't clear, ask your mind. This will lead you to the best version of yourself.

What's your favorite jam to sing to in the car alone?
AB: Woah this is really hard! There's a solid tie between Sade, Erykah Badu & Whitney Huston for singing. But to really jam: anything instrumental. Old school funk/soul is great too.

You can usually find Alana at the Farmer's Markets and most of her products are available in our store. Thanks for chatting with us Alana!

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