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Looking for the perfect gift? Onatah not cutting it for you? We know we're not for everyone, and that's why we've compiled a list of our favorite shops in town!


James Dant

Not only do they have an exquisitely vast selection of menswear, but their candle, barware and enamel pin selection leaves little to be desired. Bonus: shop dog Winnie is usually there to happily greet you! We love James Dant for all the men in your life, for the ladies that don’t let the word “menswear” scare them away, and for everyone in between.


Zodiac Vintage

I think the name here says it all. I’ve personally never set foot in this shop without wanting to take at least one piece home with me. Connecting with a vintage piece is a truly special and unique feeling and the selection at Zodiac makes it easy to find that connection. You'll love Zodiac Vintage for the collector of cool things in your life.


Howl + Hide Supply

If you’re a leather gal like me, don’t go anywhere else. Christian has a distinct eye for design and quality craftsmanship that is nearly unparalleled. His goods are made exclusively in Indy and when you buy a Howl + Hide bag, it is guaranteed to last. Howl + Hide is best for the commitment-aholic.



Felicia curates the most adorable earrings, necklaces, magnets, purses, hats, accessories, housewares, and apparel. Treat yo self or shop here for the cutesy gal on your list! For the accessories lover--Boomerang pretty much has you covered!



I’m not joking around when I say Homespun has everything. Peanut butter? Got it. Beer coozies? Got it. Jewelry, the biggest greeting card selection you’ve ever seen, local-themed apparel and goods? Check, check and check. For the Indy lover in your life, Homespun is the place to go!


Wildwood Market

Wildwood seems to have everything I love, but I’m especially a big fan of B.Happy Peanut Butter for snacking, Frittle Candy and Home Ec Preserves. They also have a wide range of other easily gift-able items like chocolates, cocktail mixers and locally roasted coffees. For the foodie in your life, Wildwood is a must stop! 


Silver in the City

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, Silver in the City is my go-to. I’ve never walked in there without seeing an item and thinking “this would be PERFECT for Karen! (or whoever)” From quippy socks to RBG mugs, floral planners to their new sustainable line, Silver in the City is a must visit for holiday shopping!



We couldn’t leave ourselves out! Specializing in natural and ethically-sourced goods, we support over 100 independent brands in our tiny shop! From plants to clothes, skincare to internal wellness, gifts, housewares and greeting cards... for the lover of eco-friendly and elevated design, we've got you covered!


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