We’ve opened our new location! Come see us at 1058 Virginia Ave in Indy!


Onatah General is a consciously curated general store located in Fountain Square in Indianapolis, Indiana. We partner with over 100 independent artisans, local and far, (98% minority, lgbtqia+, and woman owned!) to provide a unique collection of well-designed, well-made, ethically sourced goods that connect us all back to the earth, and to each other. Onatah General also offers classes for the creative and the curious. 


The name Onatah means "of the earth". According to Iroquois legend, Onatah was one of three sisters--the life supporters of the people. Her two sisters looked over beans and squash, while Onatah was the protector of the corn. In Indiana, where the corn grows wild, we loved the thought of Onatah looking over us and connecting us back to the earth from which we come.

"The Sun lovingly touched her dusky face with the blush of the morning, and her eyes grew soft as the gleam of the Stars on dark streams. Her night-black hair was spread before the breeze like a wind-driven cloud." 

Read The Spirit of the Corn story here.



We take so much from this earth, so we want to do our part in giving back to it. That's why a percentage from every purchase goes directly to charities and organizations that support the planet and Indigenous/Native American efforts. We also donate to other organizations that align with our beliefs:

We believe that black lives matter. That all love is valid. That trans people have rights. That science is real. That no human is illegal. Equality for all. That all land is stolen. Anti-trump. Anti-mass incarceration. Anti-cash bail. Pro-police reform. Pro-hoe. Pro-choice. We are eco-conscious. There are probably aliens. And most of all, we are pro-human.

We also commit to working with artisans that operate under the same ideals, some of which also donate profits to like-minded organizations.